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brown sugar casted chocolates

August 19, 2012

great idea from rise and shine – just press anything into brown sugar to make an impression instead of buying molds to cast chocolates! i’m thinking doll parts. it seems like it’d be satisfying to eat a tiny chocolate hand.

someone commented on the entry saying, “classically confectioners used cornstarch for this, finer texture”

and, unlike plastic molds that get thrown away later, brown sugar can be reused!


sweet fermented rice pancakes

May 7, 2012

i’m making pak thong kuih – a lacto-fermented rice dessert.

for the first two parts of the recipe, some of the “starter” is removed. what to do with all that extra yeasty sweet rice?


super fast and easy sweet and sour fermented rice pancakes

from goop to plate in less than ten minutes.


+ a fistful of yeasty sweet rice leftover from fermenting pak thong kuih (or substitute leftover cooked plain rice – maybe with a little lime juice? i’ll have to try that.)
+ a fistful of mashed sweet potato
+ two pinches of coconut powder
+ one pinch of corn starch
+ one egg (increase corn starch for a vegan version)
+ a pinch each of fennel, cayenne, seasoned salt, coriander, and two pinches of ginger and black pepper
+ a tablespoon or so of date syrup


fry on medium heat like any pancake or burger.


serve with applesauce


i invented this recipe tonight, and i couldn’t be happier with it! hopefully the honeycomb dessert is good so i have a reason to ferment more rice, because this was a quick, easy, awesome snack!


leberknoedel (liver dumpling soup)

April 29, 2012

something to make with your stale bread!!


4 chopped, stale hard rolls
200ml warm milk
1 onion, finely chopped
150g liver, minced
a little scraped spleen (optional, acts as a thickener)
2 tbsp marjoram, chopped (this seems like a lot)
1 egg
115ml milk
salt and freshly-ground black pepper, to taste
freshly-grated nutmeg, to taste
1 small bunch or parsley, chopped
2 tsp freshly-grated lemon zest
a little butter for frying
600ml beef stock

Roughly tear the rolls and soak in the lukewarm milk. In the meantime, melt the butter in a pan and use to fry the onion and parsley until soft. Drain the rolls and wring dry then add to a bowl and mix in the onions. Combine with a fork until you have a firm mass (if the mixture is too loose add a some fresh breadcrumbs, if too firm add a little of the soaking milk. Stir in all remaining ingredients (again, add more breadcrumbs if too loose). Take small amounts of the mixture and shape into dumplings. Meanwhile, bring a pan of water just to boiling point. Add the dumplings and simmer for about 25 minutes, until cooked through. Transfer the beef stock, bring to a simmer, then ladle into soup bowls and serve.

adapted from celtnet



dumplings didn’t stick together. hmm. not sure what went wrong.


what to do with food that’s going bad

April 28, 2012

stale bread, soured milk, mushy vegetables…

just started a tag called “waste not” that will call for foods that are on their last legs, leftover bits and pieces of other recipes, or other things that don’t have to be wasted.

let’s help each other keep good food out of the garbage!!


any ideas?


chicken liver pate

April 15, 2012

my first pate

fry a little slice of pork belly, add chunks of onion, add chicken livers
i seasoned it with some cajun seasoning, sage, parsley, marjoram, tarragon, chives, salt

fried til livers were cooked through.

then blended it up with a little cooking marsala and two cooked potatoes
(i only added the potatoes because they were left over and i wanted to use them.)


next time, i’ll do it tuscan (toscana) style by cooking the livers in olive oil and add capers.


dry your own garlic and hot peppers

October 6, 2011

i can’t believe it took me this long to figure this out.

dice them and spread them thin on a plate.

no joke.

that’s all.

no dehydrators, salt, sun, or special equipment needed.

i’m never buying dried garlic or pepper “flakes” anymore.

my habanero pepper flakes look exactly like the kind in a shaker at an italian restaurant. they’re just yellower, a thousand times hotter, and they taste like sunshine, not dust.

do this immediately.


make your own vinegar out of garbage

September 21, 2011

1. scrub fruit scraps. i ate a cantaloupe and saved the rinds. pineapple’s apparently great for this, too. probably many other things; i’ll post them as i discover them.

2. put them in water. i used a jar, and cut a hunk of rind big enough to sort of fold so it’d stay submerged. same idea as lacto-fermented green bean pickles, kraut, or any other ferment. just keep the stuff under water.

3. throw a hunk of cheesecloth or an old sock over the top.

4. remove the rind after a few days for a delicious juice drink, or leave it in for.. weeks? days? not sure. mine’s been fermenting almost a week so far?

5. remove rind.

the easiest, most delicious, and most economical thing i’ve discovered in a long time. enjoy!!


roasted tomato dip

June 19, 2011

sampled a “roasted tomato dip” at the farmers market. unbelievably deep and complex flavor. tried to replicate it.

this is an amazing way to use up the tomatoes that are about to go bad, or the excess of tomatoes from your plants in the height of summer.

roasted a pound of fresh tomatoes on 450 along with a baby onion. stuck em both in the food processor along with homemade yogurt, fresh dill, a clove of fresh raw garlic, a pinch of salt, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

unbelievable. a new favorite summertime cold dip (and thank goodness; there’s only so much baba one can consume)

-used to make roasted tomato dip, fresh arugula, and freshly baked knackerbrot sandwiches for lunch yesterday.. best thing ever-


late february veggie ferments

March 1, 2011

swiss chard stems with garlic, clove, allspice, and mustard seed

very dilly beans

dilly cauliflower

saltwater-pickled garlic and onion

carrot and baby cucumber with tons of dill and laurel

giardinera with carrot, tons of hot pepper, cauliflower, and onion

lime juice fermented hot peppers