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groundnut (peanut) and pumpkin stew

March 11, 2012

fry garlic in oil

nutmeg (pinch)
a bay leaf
dried hot peppers (or minced fresh ones)

-black-eyed peas or black beans
-winter squash like pumpkin, butternut, or acorn
-2 drops of fish sauce or a small tinned fish (optional)
-stock, or bouillon and water

cook until stew-y

a nut butter like peanut or almond

top with roasted peanuts, or a dollop of plain yogurt, or cilantro, or all 3


thiebou diene – Senegalese rice and fish stew

October 11, 2010


· sea bass, red snapper, or other firm-fleshed fish – about 3 lbs.
· rice
· lots of water
· 2 small cans tomato paste
· 3” piece smoked fish (any firm white will do)
· okra
· calabreze/calabaza/squash
· sweet cassava/yuca
· green bell pepper
· yams or sweet potatoes
· turnips
· carrots
· lots of scallions, leeks, or onions
· eggplants
· garlic
· a cabbage, cut into eighths
· parsley or cilantro
· 1 fresh bird chili
· 1 habanero chili
· peanut or palm oil
· salt

traditionally, the fish is stuffed with a “roof” – a mixture of (usually) garlic, onion/scallion/leeks, and hot chili, and sometimes bell peppers, herbs, etc.

i’m sorta fish-clueless, so i just fileted the fish, boiled the bones in the stew and threw the flesh in about five minutes before serving it.

cut all the hard veggies into 1-in. chunks

brown the onions in oil, and throw in some stock (we used homemade stock with a little roux) or water with the hard veggies, chilis, and fish bones. may use a cheesecloth for the bones next time; never made a fish stew before and it was a little boney.
i waited a while before throwing in herbs and soft veggies.

it was amazing, but it took all night to cook.

totally worth it.