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sri lankan black curry powder

July 28, 2013

Sri Lankan “black” curries can be black for one of two reasons:

1. not many chilis to alter the color
2. very deeply roasted

This one falls under category two.

This recipe is from, though I adjusted the amounts since a British cup is different from an American cup.

0.8 cups coriander seeds (kottamalli/dhania)
0.16 cup curry leaves
1/3 tbsp Cloves (carabu-neti /lavang)
1/3 tbsp Cardamoms (Karadamungu /elaichi)
1/3 tbsp cinnamon crushed (kurudu/dal chini)
1/3 tbsp raw rice (kekulu hal)
1/3 tbsp Fenugreek (uluhal/methi)
1/3 tbsp mustard seeds (aba/rai)
1/3 tbsp sweet cumin (mahaduru)
1/3 cup cumin (suduru/zeera)
1 cup Dried Red Chilli pieces

Roast first two ingredients in a heavy skillet under medium flame.
After a couple of minutes, add the next four ingredients and roast till golden brown.
Now add the next four ingredients and roast for few more minutes till fragrant. Take care not to burn.
Finally add the chilli pieces; roast for a minute or so.
Let cool.
Grind into a powder using either a mortar with a pestle or coffee/spice grinder.
Store in a tight container.