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ten year anniversary!

September 28, 2020

ten year recipe anniversary!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! is TEN years old!

During these ten years, I have worked hard to bring you 498 recipes from every corner of the globe. (Okay, spheres don’t have corners, but you know what I mean.)

I am elated to have collected 151 vegetable recipes (and 89 dessert recipes if vegetables aren’t your cup of tea.)

Thank you so much to the 28,000 people from over 130 countries who have visited my little corner of the world wide web. (Does the internet have corners?)


It’s hard to even comprehend everything that has happened since 2010. Can you believe the first iPad was released in 2010?


Want a little nostalgia? Check out my very first recipe – a cilantro-mint slaw, served with tomato dal soup and tamarind rice, published exactly ten years ago, on September 28, 2010.

If you’re here because you saw my version of Madhur Jaffrey’s lime juice lacto-fermentation in Sandy Katz’s fantastic book The Art of Fermentation, welcome, and thanks for sticking with me all these years!


Come visit any time for recipes that are always 100% free of charge, accessible, stubbornly old-school, and fiercely DIY. I love you!

in gratitude, siggi @ friedsig