friedsig: a DIY, non-monetized project

May 29, 2016

just want to be totally clear about this.

friedsig is a radical diy project. i strongly believe that information should be free. i do not like advertising.

i do not monetize these recipes in any way, shape, or form.
i have never placed any advertising on any page at all.

these banners are placed by wordpress without my consent. this is a “free account” and so wordpress has the authority to do whatever they want. i make $0 from this blog regardless of traffic. any advertising on this or any page on friedsig is placed by wordpress for wordpress to make money.

i am glad for the free website and i like wordpress much better than its competitors. if the presence of ads irritates you and you would like to fund their removal, you can leave a comment. otherwise, we’ll all have to deal with them. having said that, advertisements are placed by wordpress and do not go towards the maintenance of the site.

please block all ads on this website with adblock plus, ublock, or your adblocker browser add-on of choice.


tl;dr: i have neither made nor spent a single dollar on this website. wordpress has placed advertising banners on this website so they can make money off us.

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