feta and spinach potatoes

October 23, 2013

boil potatoes until they are just barely cooked.
meanwhile, fry ground sausage. set aside, and in greasy pan fry onions (if veg, just cook onions in olive oil and add mushrooms and garlic.)
slice potatoes thin.
butter a casserole dish and add one thin layer of potatoes.
make a thin feta, fried onion, and sausage layer.
grate a little melty mild cheese, like mozarella, monterey jack, or any other. (i used a habanero cheese.)
continue layering.
grate melty cheese on top and bake at 325 for fifteen minutes.
serve while very hot. once served, each person should add shredded baby spinach to their bowl right away and stir to wilt it.

top with plain yogurt, tahini dressing, tahini-yogurt sauce, sour cream, or your favorite creamy thing.

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