sick broth

March 7, 2013

boil water or homemade stock
add roasted or minced raw garlic, minced ginger, bouillon, oregano, a small drop of schmaltz, and cayenne or chili-garlic sauce
remove from heat
pour into a mug
add lemon juice and a little miso


if it tastes like the best thing in the world, chances are i’m coming down with a cold.

medicinal in a number of ways:
– cayenne has more vitamin c than lemon, and the two of them build the immune system!
– garlic, ginger, and oregano are anti-microbial, and beat out the invading microbes before they have a chance to turn you into their playground!
– miso is probiotic, which means that it is living food (the opposite of antibiotic!) and the microbes in it help strengthen your microbial defense against the invading cold or flu!


this is a hearty and tough winter version of sick-tea.

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