vegan coconut milk soup

December 6, 2012

cook rice and beans in a big pot with too much water, dried thai chilis, dried mushrooms, some of a can of coconut milk, a dash of peanut oil, and salt.

add bouillon or stock, a ton of ginger or galangal, whatever vegetables you have in the house roasted (i added a bunch of sweet potatoes), basil, a lot of roasted garlic, a ton of lime juice, coriander, chili-garlic sauce, and any thai-style curry paste if you have it or any thai ingredients you may have on hand like lemongrass or lime leaves, and a few drops of fish sauce if you eat it.

ignore for a long time – at least a half-hour – and then start stirring every fifteen minutes or so until powerful – two hours or so. add the rest of the coconut milk.

pepper, salt, and serve. if you like, top with cilantro.


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