smoky roasted carrot, sweet potato, and hot pepper soup

November 11, 2012

many carrots
some sweet potatoes
some potatoes
some hot peppers
an onion
a head of garlic
stock or bouillon
seasoned salt
paprika (smoked paprika, or whatever you have)
a chipotle pepper (optional)
juice of half a lime, or a few T apple cider vinegar
a bay leaf

roast carrots, hot peppers, and garlic on a very high heat (425, i’d think) until they are black outside. peel off some of the blackened skin. leave some on for a smoky flavor.

in a soup pot, saute onions in some kind of oil or butter or fat until they are caramelized. add a good amount of stock, or bouillon and water. add roasted veggies. stew on low heat til obliterated, mash, or blend it.

garnish with fresh cilantro, if you have it, and plain yogurt or sour cream


inspired by this roasted jalapeno soup


awesome sweet and spicy warming winter soup. throw in whatever seasonal veggies you have lying around – it’d be great with squash. mine had turnips from a friend’s garden! i highly recommend this – easy, quick, and successfully satisfied my craving for sugary-spicy snacks!

One comment

  1. Made it tonight. Took me forever because I made my own stock too but it’s delicious. With mushroom, stewed tomatoes, lots of celery, and roasted red, poblano, and banana peppers.

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