easy grilled banana boats

October 24, 2012

balance some bananas.

slice a small pocket in the middle of the peel and maybe a quarter through the banana, being careful to leave much of the peel attached at either end and not slicing all the way through the banana itself.

stuff the pocket with peanut butter or almond butter, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.

if you don’t eat refined sugar, how about a little maple syrup, honey, or date syrup? fresh or frozen berries? pecans and cinnamon? lime juice and raisins (plump them by soaking them in water before adding)? figs?

grill, or wrap in tinfoil and throw in the bonfire. cook until bananas soften.

eat with a spoon.

idea from serious eats


HIGHLY recommended! a toaster oven works, too.


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