vegan nolio pizza (lemon cream sauce with caramelized onions)

August 13, 2012

mix up a batch of your favorite pizza dough. (i like making pretzel dough as pizza dough. stick some olive oil in there for a more pizza-y dough.) (also, yes, it totally works gluten-free; use a combination of gf flours like rice, buckwheat, oat, teff, besan, and a starch like potato or corn.)

in a food processor or blender, whip up a raw sauce with a clove or two of fresh garlic, a few handfuls of cashews that have been soaking in water (or unsoaked if you like a chunkier consistency to your sauces), half a can of coconut milk (more if sauce is super-thick), a pinch of water, juice from half a fresh lemon, a generous amount of ground black pepper, and some smoky salt.

fry up a large onion, sliced thin, until translucent. add your favorite veggies. (we used broccoli and mushrooms, because that’s what we had, but i’ve really enjoyed just onions and raw fresh spinach in the past.)

top pizzas with sauce and veggies and bake at the highest setting on your oven (probably 500F) until crust browns on the bottom.


it’s wonderful. caramelized onions and cream sauce is one of my favorite combinations (can you tell i’m schwabisch?) and this pizza has been one of my favorites for years. served it to a room full of (mostly) non-vegans, and this pizza got eaten faster than the traditional tomato-sauce-and-cheese pizza. if you love this pizza, try zweibelkuchen, a rich, creamy, onion pie.


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