sweet veg spring rolls

June 23, 2012

light, refreshing, crunchy, colorful, easy, gluten-free (spring roll wrappers are made of tapioca and rice), nearly raw, vegetarian or even vegan, and no-cook!


soak your spring roll wrappers in warm water for two or three minutes. if you don’t soak them for long enough, they won’t stick. you want them pliable, not plasticky.

some ideas for things to put in your spring rolls:

+ cabbage slaw (salt, sesame seeds, fresh ginger and garlic, and heavy on the lime juice)
+ carrot slaw or carrot salad with sesame oil and rice wine vinegar
+ colorful bell peppers and/or hot peppers
+ avocado
+ mango, peach, grilled mango or peach…
+ leftover grilled meat
+ bean sprouts
+ cucumbers (we found long and skinny korean cucumbers! but they mostly tasted like the english kind.)
+ hard-boiled eggs
+ mushrooms
+ glass noodles
+ herbs like mint, chives, or cilantro


dip rolls into something wonderful, like

+ ginger soy sauce (mince some ginger and leave it to sit in soy sauce while you cook)
+ lime peanut sauce (thin warm peanut butter with sesame, peanut, or chili oil and lime juice)
+ mint chutney (ferment your own!)
+ kim chee
+ any other awesome korean ferment (scallops-kochujang[chilipaste]-garlic!)
+ hot pepper sauce
+ garlic aioli (mince garlic into yogurt, mayonnaise, or both with a squeeze of lemon juice and black pepper and let sit at least one hour)

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