frozen banana “ice cream”

May 29, 2012

blending frozen bananas and other fruit will make an ice-cream-like dessert?


ideas for flavors:

pomegranate molasses, date syrup, and banana

cinnamon, allspice, strawberry, coconut milk, and banana

fresh mint, cocoa powder, honey, and banana


recipe from here


update july 18, 2012

visiting a place with the kind of blender that can tackle ice cubes. tried ice cubes blended with frozen peaches and cherries, a pinch of honey, and a lot of unsweetened yogurt. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! came out like soft ice cream.
i am going to do this every morning that i’m here.

update july 20, 2012

don’t put in too many ice cubes, or it will taste like boring melon foot 😦

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