avocado, strawberry, and sorrel salad

May 13, 2012

not all shamrocks are clovers!

sorrel is one of my favorite foods. it is impossible not to smile while eating sour leaves. wood sorrels grow wild almost everywhere in the country. it bolts about this time of year, so try to pull leaves from plants that haven’t gone to seed yet for maximum sourness. learn which Oxalis grow near you and harvest some.


just gather sorrel leaves and top with hunks of avocado and strawberry. the strawberries are from my local farmers’ market and the sorrel grows wild!

don’t forget the balsamic or lemon juice!

top with anything, like:
nuts or seeds of any kind
bitter greens
ricotta or goat cheese
fresh herbs

i like just sorrel, strawberry, avocado, balsamic, and fresh lemon juice.


One comment

  1. Sorrel Soup (zupa szczawiowa)

    Wash 1/2 lb of sorrel, and chop very fine. Add to 5 c boiling meat stock (veg stock also works well). Reduce heat & simmer for 15 mins covered. Add 3 T of flour dissolved in 1 c of milk, season to taste with salt, black&white pepper and bring to a boil. Remove from heat as soon as the milk & flour come to a boil. Fork blend 1/2 c sour cream with 1/2 c of the soup, adding 1 T of the hot soup at a time, stirring constantly. Once tempered, add to the pot. Chop a hand full of fresh parsley and dill as garnish and serve over hard boiled egg slices. A very good option in the Winter that makes this soup much heartier is to add 1 c of raw potatoes (diced) to the stock as well as 1-2 small to medium carrots carrots and a stalk or two of celery, both finely chopped.

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