diy icepops

May 6, 2012

ice lollies? popsicles? ice pops? whatever you call them, they couldn’t possibly be easier to make. it’s 90 today with 60% humidity, so i’m really glad i made a batch of these yesterday.

much cheaper and more delicious than their storebought counterparts!


blackberry mint ice pops

pour orange juice, lemonade, or whatever you have around into ice trays, about halfway full. pop a frozen or fresh berry (i used frozen blackberries; it’s too early for fresh local blackberries) into each pop. top with a mint leaf from the garden. you can freeze them with toothpicks to make a stick, or just eat them with your hands like i do.

my go-to has been apple juice and blackberry and mint.


“green juice” and (local, fresh) mulberry pops


maple fro-yo – mix some homemade yogurt with maple syrup.


berry fro-yo – try strawberry and cinnamon

the sour yogurt is a big shock – we’re used to sweet icepops around here! but it makes the flavor of the berry stand out a lot more than the pops with a juice base. surprising and weird and awesome. i want another one.



kefir pops – freezing kefir emphasizes its goaty qualities. i definitely prefer sour yogurt to sour kefir – even sweetened with maple syrup.


also just got an idea for date syrup mixed with sour yogurt and pomegranate seeds. someone try this and tell me how it is! i don’t have pomegranate seeds.


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