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frozen banana “ice cream”

May 29, 2012

blending frozen bananas and other fruit will make an ice-cream-like dessert?


ideas for flavors:

pomegranate molasses, date syrup, and banana

cinnamon, allspice, strawberry, coconut milk, and banana

fresh mint, cocoa powder, honey, and banana


recipe from here


update july 18, 2012

visiting a place with the kind of blender that can tackle ice cubes. tried ice cubes blended with frozen peaches and cherries, a pinch of honey, and a lot of unsweetened yogurt. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! came out like soft ice cream.
i am going to do this every morning that i’m here.

update july 20, 2012

don’t put in too many ice cubes, or it will taste like boring melon foot 😦


avocado, strawberry, and sorrel salad

May 13, 2012

not all shamrocks are clovers!

sorrel is one of my favorite foods. it is impossible not to smile while eating sour leaves. wood sorrels grow wild almost everywhere in the country. it bolts about this time of year, so try to pull leaves from plants that haven’t gone to seed yet for maximum sourness. learn which Oxalis grow near you and harvest some.


just gather sorrel leaves and top with hunks of avocado and strawberry. the strawberries are from my local farmers’ market and the sorrel grows wild!

don’t forget the balsamic or lemon juice!

top with anything, like:
nuts or seeds of any kind
bitter greens
ricotta or goat cheese
fresh herbs

i like just sorrel, strawberry, avocado, balsamic, and fresh lemon juice.


sweet fermented rice pancakes

May 7, 2012

i’m making pak thong kuih – a lacto-fermented rice dessert.

for the first two parts of the recipe, some of the “starter” is removed. what to do with all that extra yeasty sweet rice?


super fast and easy sweet and sour fermented rice pancakes

from goop to plate in less than ten minutes.


+ a fistful of yeasty sweet rice leftover from fermenting pak thong kuih (or substitute leftover cooked plain rice – maybe with a little lime juice? i’ll have to try that.)
+ a fistful of mashed sweet potato
+ two pinches of coconut powder
+ one pinch of corn starch
+ one egg (increase corn starch for a vegan version)
+ a pinch each of fennel, cayenne, seasoned salt, coriander, and two pinches of ginger and black pepper
+ a tablespoon or so of date syrup


fry on medium heat like any pancake or burger.


serve with applesauce


i invented this recipe tonight, and i couldn’t be happier with it! hopefully the honeycomb dessert is good so i have a reason to ferment more rice, because this was a quick, easy, awesome snack!


diy icepops

May 6, 2012

ice lollies? popsicles? ice pops? whatever you call them, they couldn’t possibly be easier to make. it’s 90 today with 60% humidity, so i’m really glad i made a batch of these yesterday.

much cheaper and more delicious than their storebought counterparts!


blackberry mint ice pops

pour orange juice, lemonade, or whatever you have around into ice trays, about halfway full. pop a frozen or fresh berry (i used frozen blackberries; it’s too early for fresh local blackberries) into each pop. top with a mint leaf from the garden. you can freeze them with toothpicks to make a stick, or just eat them with your hands like i do.

my go-to has been apple juice and blackberry and mint.


“green juice” and (local, fresh) mulberry pops


maple fro-yo – mix some homemade yogurt with maple syrup.


berry fro-yo – try strawberry and cinnamon

the sour yogurt is a big shock – we’re used to sweet icepops around here! but it makes the flavor of the berry stand out a lot more than the pops with a juice base. surprising and weird and awesome. i want another one.



kefir pops – freezing kefir emphasizes its goaty qualities. i definitely prefer sour yogurt to sour kefir – even sweetened with maple syrup.


also just got an idea for date syrup mixed with sour yogurt and pomegranate seeds. someone try this and tell me how it is! i don’t have pomegranate seeds.


how to mess up a hamburger

May 5, 2012

i learned 70% of ground beef contains ammoniated pink slime.
then i learned the neighborhood grocery store will ground chunks of meat for its customers!

it doesn’t affect me much; i eat burgers four times a year, if that.

even though i don’t eat burgers regularly, i still thought i knew how to cook them.

but today i learned that i’ve been doing hamburgers WRONG my whole life.


pak thong kuih – lacto-fermented rice honeycomb dessert

May 5, 2012

you’ll have to see the pictures in the original recipe over at table for 2….. or more to see why this seems so magickal. how do single celled organisms turn rice into a honeycombed dessert? this is amazing!

i just started on this one today!!


100gm cooled, cooked rice
½ Tbsp Chinese Wine Yeast ( 甜酒饼,Ragi, sweet type) [i just used a pinch of bread yeast..]
1 tsp sugar
½ Tbsp water
Mix everything together, keep in a covered container (not air-tight!)
Leave it in a cabinet or cold room to ferment for 48 hours.

(note: started 9pm may 5. ready on monday night, may 7!)


after 48 hours, weight out 60gms (~1/4 c) &
(use the extra to make some fermented rice pancakes!)

to that 60gm fermented rice, add
100gm (~1/2 c) rice flour
water (just to moisten)

ferment for 16-18 hours
Weigh out 80gm of this & set aside.

(started 10pm may 7, done 2pm-4pm tomorrow)


in a separate bowl, combine 220 gm. pure rice flour, 30 gm. tapioca or other starch, and 280 gm. water

in a separate pot, boil 200 gm. castor sugar, 400 ml. water, and 3 blades of pandan leaves tied into a knot (or other flavor). pour half into the fresh water-flour-starch mixture. cool the other half before pouring it in. add the ferment and ferment again for 12ish hours.


add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda to a teaspoon of water. take a quarter teaspoon of that mixture and add it to the ferment, along with a teaspoon of oil.

pour into a greased steaming tray and steam 15-20 mins over medium heat, or until a skewer comes out clean.


well, i accidentally became overwhelmed by responsibilities and found myself extending the last ferment by a few days. at first, i kept up with it, pouring off the rice wine on top and adding fresh flour. then i slacked. when i finally checked it three days later, it looked hopeless. it smelled like vinegar, and a few fruit flies had somehow made it under the lid kept loose for aeration. i added rice flour and sugar and a few hunks of fresh strawberries hoping to kick-start it. after only ten minutes, the smell was already sweeter and healthier as the yeast woke up. i poured off the rice wine vinegar and fruit flies, added a little cinnamon, and invented some bizarre contraption with a loaf pan in a steamer basket in a pot with a lid on top. i completely forgot the baking soda and oil, so who knows what bizarre consistency or taste will come of this. i’ve been steaming it for a really long time (20 mins at least) and it’s still sort of gooey but tightening up around the edges.



it has a giant hole in the middle with a wrinkled honeycomb pattern coming from it. the pattern almost looks like a grapefruit.

distinct sourdough flavor. wild! not at ALL sweet. covering the finished product in date syrup is pretty and turns it into a dessert! the sourdough is much more complex and well-developed than i’d thought it would be after just a few days. really wonderful!

sticky, chewy, jiggly, jello-y, filled with air pockets, awesome, weird, fun!