sweet lemon rolls

March 24, 2012

since my dental troubles, you may have noticed my recipes becoming softer and softer. here’s the supposedly softest-ever rolls, which i’m posting and using the magic of technology to convert to cups, since i don’t have a scale…

(1.6 cups) 200g bread flour, sifted
(1/4 cup) 30g potato starch, sifted
(1/2 cup) 60g sugar
(5 T) 40g butter at room temperature, diced
(3 t fresh or 1 t instant) 12g fresh yeast or 5g instant yeast, dissolved in the milk
(1 cup) 125g warm milk
A pinch of salt
A big lemon or two small lemons zest (or 1 T vanilla extract, or an orange zest)

Whisk in the bowl the bread flour, potato starch, sugar and salt. Add the butter, lemon zest and the milk with the dissolved yeast.

knead 15 mins, rise once, then form into 15 rolls and bake at 355 (180c) until golden (~15 mins)

from here

they turned out super-sweet, super-lemony, and very fluffy-soft yet dense (i probably didn’t knead it for long enough, right?) i didn’t care for them, but everyone else who tasted them thought they were amazing. definitely more of a dessert than a dinner roll, though!


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