(mostly) raw “pasta” with detox pesto

March 16, 2012

decided to try a raw dinner.

one of the best dinners i’ve ever had. i feel high from it.


jeremy’s raw beet salad
raw “pasta” with pesto
raw brownies
raw pudding

raw “pasta”

use a veggie peeler to reduce zucchini and summer squash down to tiny slivers. cut with a paring knife into thin, spaghetti-like strips.

raw “pasta” sauce – a detox pesto

toss into a food processor:
an avocado
parsley (tons)
cilantro (tons)
lemon juice
miso (celiacs houseguest + our miso uses barley; we used tamari instead)
sweet bell pepper
raw garlic
soaked cashews (raw foodies do this for texture. i felt pretty weird about wetting cashews, but the sauce did have a smoothness to it.)
2 dates
any oil; i used walnut
a few drops of fish sauce (not raw!)

i also tossed in part of a carrot.

jeremy’s raw beet salad

shredded beets
finely diced squash
snow peas
massaged kale, torn into tiny pieces
diced mushroom
parsley (lots)
lots of raw garlic
wild onions

lemon juice
apple cider vinegar (splash)
rice wine vinegar (splash)


dessert? raw brownies and raw chocolate pudding, of course


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