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sweet lemon rolls

March 24, 2012

since my dental troubles, you may have noticed my recipes becoming softer and softer. here’s the supposedly softest-ever rolls, which i’m posting and using the magic of technology to convert to cups, since i don’t have a scale…

(1.6 cups) 200g bread flour, sifted
(1/4 cup) 30g potato starch, sifted
(1/2 cup) 60g sugar
(5 T) 40g butter at room temperature, diced
(3 t fresh or 1 t instant) 12g fresh yeast or 5g instant yeast, dissolved in the milk
(1 cup) 125g warm milk
A pinch of salt
A big lemon or two small lemons zest (or 1 T vanilla extract, or an orange zest)

Whisk in the bowl the bread flour, potato starch, sugar and salt. Add the butter, lemon zest and the milk with the dissolved yeast.

knead 15 mins, rise once, then form into 15 rolls and bake at 355 (180c) until golden (~15 mins)

from here

they turned out super-sweet, super-lemony, and very fluffy-soft yet dense (i probably didn’t knead it for long enough, right?) i didn’t care for them, but everyone else who tasted them thought they were amazing. definitely more of a dessert than a dinner roll, though!


quick and easy peanut noodles with satay sauce

March 24, 2012

this takes the cake for SUPER-FAST, easy, impossible to mess up, cheap, and versatile. add only what you’ve got in your cabinet and it’ll be wonderful.

no need to be exact – just a splash of this and splash of that.

substitute away; the only truly necessary ingredients are the first few.

cooked noodles
a splash of oil, butter, ghee, or fat
peanut butter
soy sauce
lime juice
cooking sherry
sesame seeds
chunks of mostly-cooked broccoli, raw snap peas, or whatever you like

bored of the same old noodles? try adding:

rice wine vinegar and honey for a sweet-and-sour
leftover veggies
crunched-up whole peanuts (or other nuts)
coconut milk
a raw version with raw zucchini ‘noodles’, raw grated carrots, and raw soaked and pureed peanuts-cashews-and-lime-juice (i’ve never done this. in fact i just invented it. but i bet it’s amazing, and i can guarantee i’m not the first person to think of it.)

combine all ingredients except noodles in a pot. cook until smooth and combined.

toss with noodles.


other peoples’ peanut sauces?

&& fried peanuts, gula jawa (palm sugar), garlic, shallot, ginger, tamarind, lemon juice, lemongrass, salt, chilli, pepper, sweet soy sauce, ground together and mixed with water

&& a thai-style peanut sauce recipe


roasted masala chickpeas

March 19, 2012

rinse chickpeas

toss in:
red chilli powder
coriander powder
garam masala
chaat masala
lime juice
olive oil

bake at 400 for 15 minutes, stir, and bake another ten. let cool ten minutes.

add fresh cilantro.


recipe taken from here



not the crunchy and delightful snack i’d anticipated. somewhat rubbery. the flavor was good, but the texture was not awesome, bordering on gross. not recommended. the search for healthy, crunchy gluten-free snacks continues…


last night’s moroccan chicken

March 19, 2012

brown chicken, about five minutes on each side

remove from pan and in pan, fry onions (subbed garlic for the onion-hater)
add cumin, coriander, ginger, cinnamon, salt, pepper, garlic, turmeric

stir-fry a minute, add broth or stock with a slosh of lemon juice and cook down a while

add chicken and split chickpeas

cover, reduce heat, simmer 45 mins

add cut-up dried fruit (we had cranberries, raisins, figs, and dates) and nuts

leave lid off and simmer until fruit is tender and sauce thickens some, about 15 mins

cook rice separately in a pot with the scrapings of last night’s dinner (some vegetable-and-white-bean soup).

served with amazing salad with homemade dressing (walnut oil, pomegranate molasses, mustard, balsamic, ginger, and assorted herbs has been my favorite lately) with nuts and dried fruit on top


(mostly) raw “pasta” with detox pesto

March 16, 2012

decided to try a raw dinner.

one of the best dinners i’ve ever had. i feel high from it.


jeremy’s raw beet salad
raw “pasta” with pesto
raw brownies
raw pudding

raw “pasta”

use a veggie peeler to reduce zucchini and summer squash down to tiny slivers. cut with a paring knife into thin, spaghetti-like strips.

raw “pasta” sauce – a detox pesto

toss into a food processor:
an avocado
parsley (tons)
cilantro (tons)
lemon juice
miso (celiacs houseguest + our miso uses barley; we used tamari instead)
sweet bell pepper
raw garlic
soaked cashews (raw foodies do this for texture. i felt pretty weird about wetting cashews, but the sauce did have a smoothness to it.)
2 dates
any oil; i used walnut
a few drops of fish sauce (not raw!)

i also tossed in part of a carrot.

jeremy’s raw beet salad

shredded beets
finely diced squash
snow peas
massaged kale, torn into tiny pieces
diced mushroom
parsley (lots)
lots of raw garlic
wild onions

lemon juice
apple cider vinegar (splash)
rice wine vinegar (splash)


dessert? raw brownies and raw chocolate pudding, of course


groundnut (peanut) and pumpkin stew

March 11, 2012

fry garlic in oil

nutmeg (pinch)
a bay leaf
dried hot peppers (or minced fresh ones)

-black-eyed peas or black beans
-winter squash like pumpkin, butternut, or acorn
-2 drops of fish sauce or a small tinned fish (optional)
-stock, or bouillon and water

cook until stew-y

a nut butter like peanut or almond

top with roasted peanuts, or a dollop of plain yogurt, or cilantro, or all 3


pork and poblano tamale pie (with diy green enchilada sauce)

March 9, 2012

a good old-fashioned american recipe. by “american”, i mean, does tamale pie really count as mexican? neither tamale nor pie, i told my friend we’d have to call it something different. nothing quite sounds right, though. rice-and-beans cornbread pie? poblano-pork cornbread-lasagna con salsa verde? who cares; it’s good. not quick, but very easy.


i miss the tamale guy. i no longer live in a city. i am not going to simmer pork cheeks all day. a tamale craving out in the country? this will have to do.

here’s what i actually did:

(my version)

==green enchilada sauce:

a can of mild green chiles
half-can of hot jalapenos
a carrot
a head of roasted garlic
a roasted poblano
a raw yellow pepper (any bell pepper is fine)
cilantro (key, but i’m somehow out – used it all for kofta curry meatballs last night. used some raw mixed greens like arugala instead.)
a great deal of onion (houseguest refuses, so we’re going without, and it still smells wonderful)
a kiwi (wait, what? well, no tomatillos; why not?)
a splash of lime juice
two drops of fish sauce

stick all that in the food processor and grind it up.

fix up some stock or bouillon and dump the ground-up veg matter (which should smell and taste amazing) into the stock. add a pat of lard if you have a greasy bacon-juice jar in the back of your fridge.

boil a while. some say an hour. you can stick it in a slow cooker if you have one – i don’t. really i’m guessing any amount of time is fine – even raw if you really wanted to. why not?


salt and brown a few pork steaks and chop em up into little bite-sized pieces.

next, you want to boil the pork steaks in the green sauce. i added a half-cup rice, a half-cup black lentils, and two cups water to the pork and green sauce and cooked it all together. i don’t know how long. until they are cooked? a while.

==cornbread topping

3/4 cup all purpose flour
3/4 cup yellow cornmeal (preferably whole-grain stone-ground)
1 teaspoon baking powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup whole milk
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted
1 large egg
1 tablespoon honey
a bunch of cheese
half a can of corn

= the process

butter a pan and line it with pork-and-rice-and-chile-sauce mixture.

crack a few eggs on top.

you are layering these, by the way.

pour cornbread mixture on top of that.

grate tons of cheese on top of that.

bake at 400 until cornbread’s done.

tweaked a recipe i originally found here


so far, so good.

green sauce is bubbling on the stove and smells wonderful. i’ll add meat in another moment or two.

the whole thing’s in the oven. smells wonderful in here.

we finished it for breakfast. awesome, although i don’t know how much more special it is than rice and beans with cheesy cornbread on the side. will make this again.