jeremy’s pretzel poppers

February 10, 2012

me: i’d like to make pretzel bites.
jeremy: ok.

(days later)

jeremy: i made pretzel poppers.
me: what’s that?
jeremy: the thing you wanted to try?
me: i just meant small pretzels. what’s a pretzel popper?
jeremy: stuffed pretzels?

and jeremy presented…

pretzel poppers

make soft pretzel dough

rise dough

divide into roll-sized dough chunks

fill with some kind of flavorful filling that doesn’t have too high a water content – he used thick leftover tomato sauce and cheese (pizza pretzel poppers!) but also filled some with apple and cheese

rise again

bake as per usual


maybe they’re not “pretzels” per se since they’re not boiled, but the dense dough with coarse salt and sesame seeds sprinkled on top still has a pretzely texture.

they’re wonderful!

funny enough – he did make a few bite-sized pretzel pieces, which got hard by the next day and weren’t anything to write home about. good thing he misunderstood me, because his pretzel poppers are WAY better than my pretzel bites.

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