palak paneer

January 22, 2012

wow, i just went into the drafts folder to work on the food processor post, and found this abandoned recipe from the beginning of 2011. enjoy!


this is one of my favorite ways to prepare this. i also like it with caramelized onions!


i used a food processor to grind a few handfuls of cashews, a few cloves of garlic, some fresh ginger, fresh cilantro, a tiny thai hot chili, salt, and a little bit of milk or yogurt or cream (just enough to combine) into a paste.

then i began frying little cubes of paneer in hot oil (and i still have the burns to prove it. use a dry pan.)

then, i boiled a few bunches of spinach for about a minute and processed them in the food processor with a dash of milk and a tomato.

in a cast-iron, i started some butter and whole cumin and mustard seeds.

added the spinach and cooked for a few minutes, just until the oil rose to the top, then added paneer.


made this with kofta and a veggie korma.

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