buckwheat-rye sourdough

January 22, 2012

happy to have a starter again!

in celebration, i made my first sourdough of 2012.

this is a GREAT mix of flours. i highly recommend it!

i had a white flour sourdough starter, to which i added all rye for the sponge. i then added that to the white flour for the recipe, which i spiked with about 20% buckwheat flour.

nutty and flavorful without being dark and overwhelming.


tweaked this sourdough recipe a bit to allow for a bit of packaged yeast – the little starter is barely old enough to get a sponge going, and i figured the bread would need the boost. it definitely did. i thought it might not rise at first. in true sourdough form, though, it practically doubled in the oven and filled the place with an almost spicy-sour smell.

sensory overload!


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