injera / enjera

January 15, 2012

i am confident in this website‘s confidence that its recipe is wonderful.

1 – make a sourdough starter

2 – mix 2c teff with 2c starter

3 – knead at least 10 min – will be crumbly

4 – mix 1/4 c water at a time in to mixture and keep kneading until liquidy – dip finger in batter – if it mostly slides off, it’s done

5 – cover for one day

6 – set aside some as starter – blend, grind, or food process the rest to rid it of gritty consistency

7 – add ~3c self-rising flour, mix with hands to remove all lumps and rise [for gluten-free: just add ~3c gf flour mixture – rice, buckwheat, whatever you have]

8 – after it has risen and settled, refrigerate 1 hr

9 – cook around 500 degrees

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