December 4, 2011

i cannot count the number of times this has kicked the everloving s*%# out of a sickness-to-be. drink it at the first puffswell of lymph nodes. it’s also a great tonic pick-me-up for those winter blahs.

do not be fooled by the commonness of these ingredients; this is serious medicine. use more ginger than seems prudent; pack that teaball tight. it’ll help you feel better! you need a LOT of cayenne to break through a packed-solid sinus cavity, but you WILL breathe again.

feel better soon!

a few mugs of water
finely minced ginger
1/2 clove finely minced garlic (more if you’re seriously sick, less for a child or they won’t drink it)

boil this a minute and take off the burner.

add the juice of one fresh lime or lemon and steep five minutes with a lid
(don’t boil w lemon/lime; too bitter!)

remove ginger and garlic; add a fat spoonful of honey and a few dashes of cayenne or other hot pepper (required)

(if you’re feeling more chilly and funky than cripplingly ill, add a splash of bourbon, scotch, or brandy!)

the honey will soothe and coat the throat, as you already know. but did you know it will reduce inflammation as well as fight the infection itself – maybe even MRSA and other infections resistant to antibiotics? honey was even used on wounds as recently as world war I.

ginger has pain relieving qualities. it also increases sweating and helps flush toxins through & out of the skin.

hot peppers contain more vitamin c than lemons or oranges.

and, of course, the garlic is an antimicrobial and will flush the cold right out of you.

tim posted this fire cider – same idea, but infused into apple cider vinegar instead of water. sounds intense!

fall 2012 update:
tracy posted this idea:
keep a closed jar filled with honey, ginger, and lemon slices in the fridge and use the infused honey (diluted with boiling water) as sickytea!

if anyone tries these, please comment here and let us know how it is!

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