beef liver and onions

November 17, 2011

scored some locally raised beef liver for an absurdly cheap price.

nervous; i’ve never made beef liver before…


wash liver in water, cut into slices, then soak in milk for an hour or two.

melt butter and saute onions.

dredge liver in flour + seasoned salt and fry on med-high heat, like steak, until mostly cooked through and browned on both sides.

might saute mushrooms and add a little sherry.


uh.. wow. it’s like chicken liver x100. i don’t prefer beef liver to chicken, that’s for sure. really intense. but delicious. (although i didn’t climb the ceiling like the cat did after he tasted it.) i eat hardly any beef at all, and this didn’t change my mind. i’ll probably avoid beef liver in the future, unless i find another sale with lick creek beef, our local chemical-free, hormone-free cow folk. $1.99/lb!!!!

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