make your own vinegar out of garbage

September 21, 2011

1. scrub fruit scraps. i ate a cantaloupe and saved the rinds. pineapple’s apparently great for this, too. probably many other things; i’ll post them as i discover them.

2. put them in water. i used a jar, and cut a hunk of rind big enough to sort of fold so it’d stay submerged. same idea as lacto-fermented green bean pickles, kraut, or any other ferment. just keep the stuff under water.

3. throw a hunk of cheesecloth or an old sock over the top.

4. remove the rind after a few days for a delicious juice drink, or leave it in for.. weeks? days? not sure. mine’s been fermenting almost a week so far?

5. remove rind.

the easiest, most delicious, and most economical thing i’ve discovered in a long time. enjoy!!


  1. Would this work with avocado rind? How about squash and pumpkin? Banana peels? Do you think it would work to put all in together? My squash rind, my avocado rind, and the banana peel, I mean.

    • no clue!

      my guess is that since the yeast and bacteria are attracted by sugars, avocado may not be as good of a bet as, say, squash rind.

      you should try it out and let us know!!

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