thai fusion curry from scratch

August 25, 2011

yesterday’s attempt:

put chicken thighs (or vegetables, or whatever,) in a baking dish and put just a bit of soy sauce, coconut vinegar, and salt over them. then add a ton of lime juice.

add half a can of coconut milk mixed with a teaspoonful or so of shrimp paste.

throw in freshly grated cinnamon, ginger, shallot, and garlic. fresh orange-mint and basil from the garden. turmeric. paprika. cayenne. some reconstituted and finely chopped dried thai chili, plus some of the soaking liquid. sesame seeds. black pepper. cumin. coriander. (forgot those last two.. whoops. still good.)

too shrimpy, somehow, even though such a small quantity was used. great otherwise. first attempt at cooking with shrimp paste!

baked it for a half-hour-ish. i forget what temperature. 350?

served with grits because they’re faster than rice! next time i think i’ll wait out the rice.


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