November 13, 2010

eli says kapusta means “cabbage,” but has come to mean a kraut-and-smoked-meat stew in his family.

a quick google search shows hundreds of recipes – some with allspice and bay leaf, some with canned corn.

this is a rough approximation of what eli did when he made this dish last week.



first, we made a quick kraut, though obviously real kraut would be better.

let it sit while pinto beans cooked up with tons of onion in butter or lard, along with kielbasa.

throw in the kraut and let it stew.

a high-quality kielbasa is essential.

this doesn’t sound like much, but trust me: this is phenomenal.

EDIT (5/11): adding some smoked (pork) neckbones gave a whole new dimension.



  1. Siggi,
    The very best sauerkraut recipe I’ve ever made is from an old cookbook I have.The term used in Alsace-Lorraine to refer to any slow-cooked sauerkraut recipe that includes smiked meats is CHOUCROUTE.

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